The Product

What if you could keep on running with your perfect shoelace tension and no stops for re-tying?

Jobu’s is an athletic-shoe accessory designed to maintain your perfect shoelace tension throughout training and competition, avoiding lace loosening and knot failure. The smart low-profile Jobu’s design fits beneath your shoelace knot to lock-in the tension – just the way you like it.

At Jobu’s, we play just about all sports and so our product design is versatile, too. It’s ideal for running, football, field hockey, handball and anything else that makes you want to win. You can also use Jobu’s for hiking and other outdoor activities where your shoes are working hard.

Your feet will feel the difference when your perfect tension is maintained throughout an activity. The added stability of tying with Jobu’s helps maintain consistent shoe form, so you can make the most of modern athletic-shoe designs and protect your feet during long training.

Jobu’s are easy to use – you don’t even need a double knot. This makes them great for children, too, who after a couple of practices will be able to easily tie and open their shoelaces as needed.

So, don’t stop. We invite you to try our Jobu’s and keep on running.

Customised promotional Jobu’s

Jobu’s are available in customised designs in various colours and print options for your next corporate and event promotions. Click here to discuss your promotion and design ideas.

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The Functionality

Jobu’s” is using the mechanical effect of friction, reduces the movement of the laces and avoids an unwanted opening. The system works for the majority of common laces available on the market with a diameter of approximately 5mm. They can easily be attached and detached if they need to be moved over to another pair of shoes.

What's new?

08 Jul 2017

New packaging

The Feedback from the ISPO Open Innovation has been used to improve the packaging. The integration of an QR code leads you now fast to the instruction video. Furthermore, written instructions have been added to the simplified graphics.

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08 Jul 2017

German Ladies Rugby National Team testing JOBU’s

The German Ladies Rugby National Team tested JOBU’s during their spring trainings camp in Poland. „Especially our kickers have been very happy with the support they got wearing JOBU’s. The kick has not been negatively affected in any way. Especially during the sprint trainings with many multi directional movements and lateral forces on the foot, JOBU’s provided extra support and kept the laces in the tension as originally laced.

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08 Jul 2017

New exciting colours available now

The testers of the ISPO Open Innovation have been asked for their color preferences. We now introduce pop colours like orange, racer blue and lime as contrast to your footwear.

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What do the testers say?

On the ISPO OPEN INNOVATION platform, jobu's was tested extensively for everyday use by 200 volunteer testers. Here are the results:

"My honest conclusion to this gadget: If you have a problem with laces moving around or opening, this is a genius invention. I will definitely use this in future competitions, because it fit’s perfectly on my running shoes."

Florian Gruber

"Once attached stay’s the knot in position until it get’s opened. Usually, when I hike or speed hike, I need to re-lace once in a while. NEVER WITH JOBU’s! I think it is especially a great help for kids, which they say themselves."

Heidi Böhm

"Amazing…never again loose laces. I had the opportunity to test Jobu’s with 4 different types of shoes. No matter if for hiking, running, in the gym, for badminton or just in everyday use, I’m very satisfied with the performance of Jobu’s. Just lace the shoes once and they stay in place for the whole training - I did not notice any moving around or opening of the laces at any time, just great."

Nicole Baumgartner


For which thicknesses of laces are jobu’s made for?

How long will the material last?

Are jobu’s available in different colors?

How can I avoid that the laces are drawn out of the lock?

How do I get the knot in the little „box“ for it?

How do I get the laces easiest into the lock?

The Brand

„Jobu’s” is a start-up company founded in Germany, which is currently in preparation for the market introduction, to launch a revolutionary  product for athletic shoes and their laces. The product combines the best of two worlds: „Swedish Design“ with functional simplicity, paired with „Made in Germany“ quality from thoroughly selected materials.

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