10 Jul 2017

B. Rieger

Practical gadget for team sports

“I liked the idea of a lace fixation already during the application process for the test and was really excitied. Especially as Rugby player you have to rely on your shoes when you are on the field. It happened a couple of times that I have been forced to re-lace my shoes (which even opened with a double knot). In the beginning, when the little parcel arrived at my home and I tried to test the Jobu’s immediatly on my casual sneakers, I got pretty disappointed. The black sneakers are laced quite narrow and the product did not fit on the tongue – hence I could not lace the shoe properly. This might be pretty obvious with my small size 37, but even the laces have been relatively thick and round (diameter of 5 mm) and they did not want to cooperate with the unflexible Jobu’s. The desperation at the beginning disapperared when trying another pair of shoes (this time black NIKE with flat laces), attached directly and after a couple of attempts I knew how to do it and was able to lace my shoes fast and tight. While wearing it on my way to the office, did the shoe with the test product, in comparison to the other without, never losen up and I always had a secure fit. The everyday test was passed – it just depends a little bit on the type of shoe. Travel test to the US: as expected, no problem at all to get them thru the security check. Especially during the city tour was Jobu’s very handy – you really didn’t had to think about your shoes – not during sevral hours in the museum, neither during shopping or while running along the Lake Michigan. I tried Jobu’s also during the fitness / strength training at home, although I think they are there in my opinion not necessary, as your are not moving around that much. The ultimate performance test was, besides the regular rugby training, for sure the Sevens Bundesliga Tournament of the Ladies Rugby and Jobu’s was in it. The referee allowed to use the Jobu’s as they were rated as soft enough to not make any injuries to other players. To attach them on the football boots was by now very easy and the lacing stayed in place for all 5 games of the day, until the very end.  Even in intensive contact with other players, or when someone stepped on your laces, the own shoes stayed closed. Even my team collegues have been very interested in the new gadget and we discussed the little shoe lace problems everyone has. One big benefit is as well the faster opening of the shoes in comparison to a double knot. Conclusion: I’m very happy with the Jobu’s and I will for sure keep on using them during Rugby and Running.”