10 Jul 2017

Mihaela T

Good performance during basketball training!

“We tested Jobu’s in the in the family. A few day’s ago it was the turn for my oldest child (16), who trains basketball. At first he was sceptical and not sure what benefit he can expect. I’ve let him attach the Jobu’s himself and in oposite to me he did not have any problems at the beginning – I was struggeling a bit at the first time using it. My son managed to attach it right away. He pulled on the laces, fixed them with the Jobu’s and was surprised how securely everything was.

Due to the excessive training he often has pain in the ankle and a good fitting basketball shoes is an absolut necessity. Hence, the lacing needs to be strong as well, as you otherwise may sprain the ankle. My son has now tested a couple of times Jobu’s during the training and is absolutely excited. I don’t think that I will get them back :-)”